Wednesday, May 1, 2013


You know, I used to believe in happy ending and forever and always. I used to believe in movies and fairytales. How, no matter what happens, in the end, the guy and the girl will always realize in the end how much they loved each other and run back into each other's arms.

"Nette, this is not a movie"

I remember that very sentence.

You knew how much I loved my romantic comedies and cheesy-as-hell chick flicks. When you told me that, it felt like you took away all the magic from it all. I sit here watching a movie, remembering the times when I used to cry when the love birds get back together. Now, I sit there staring at them, knowing, that will never happen in real life. Not that I used to be so naive that I believed in all the Hollywood crap, but I had hope that one day, my prince in shining armor will sweep me off my feet.

Emotional connections are for pansies.
The more you care, the more you get hurt.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baking a girl who does not deserve any jewellery


Was trying out the new mixer my mu bought today. It’s pretty decent. Goodbye to old fashion batter making by hand and hello to the new generation of machine made cupcakes :D


Filled them up about 2/3 cups full.
Am loving the designs on the cupcake cups, kind of reminds me of the candy canes :)


Them rising in the oven. Pretty French Vanilla cupcakes :)


Some pink frostings on the top of them cupcakes.
Couldn’t find my piping tips, so had to make them simple :(

Alongside some sprinkles :) Tadaa!


Lost one side of my earring today.. white sapphire and a special gift. :(
I remember breaking the necklace that came with it within the first few days of wearing it.
I guess I’m just a girl who does not deserve any jewellery. :(

Figures out what the title meant yet? :D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sotong Goreng

Finally I got myself some sotong goreng!

Went to Kayu @ SS2 with Leon Tai. :)

Finally satisfied my cravings. Nom nom nom.
The sotong is as nice I remembered it to be.

Went around KL today with Kelvin in search of a camera repair shop that wasn’t looking to rip me off with the price of repair. We found this shop that was located in Kompleks Mutiara called Cheah Repair shop. The uncles were really nice and friendly and they looked real professional too, sadly the price range did not suit us so we left in search of YL in Pudu Plaza.

GPS does screw us up all the time, we made the same turn 3 times before realizing the GPS was acting weird due to the reason that KL road changed a lot over time. We managed to find our way there anyways. :) Got to YL, the pricing was a bit more reasonable and they said that if it wasn’t fixable, they would give it back, no charge. :)

Gonna bake tomorrow for my sister’s school teacher’s day celebration thing. :) Hope it turns out well, haven’t baked with a microwave oven in a very long time. Made some red velvet brownies that didn’t look too good the other day. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I realized I have lost my passion for reading, blogging and photography. I feel so lifeless without a hobby. The only hobby I’m interested in now is too expensive for me to pursue. I’m going to find all that passion back again, one post at a time.

So I have been back for a month now. Funny how quickly time passes by… I’ve had almost everything all my top ten things to eat when I get back.


Had dinner at 面对面 the other night.

I just love how bouncy their noodles are and the taste of the dried chilli along with it. The egg just adds onto the entire taste. Nom nom nom, how I’ve missed this. :)


A little plate of fried lobster paste wrapped in soy bean skin.

It tastes really really good but honestly, way overpriced for the portion. It’s not filling yet it cost about the same as a bowl of steaming hot delicious noodles. Weirdness.


Deep fried dumpling.

This was not as great as they looked but they were pretty okay. Edible, for me it was a bit too heavy on the taste of the veggie in it.



*awkward silence*

Till the next post.. I did say one post at a time. eh?

Sunday, May 6, 2012


People asked me.. so what's the point of the last blog post.

There wasn't much of a point to it except that sometimes in a relationship, you just learn to take a leap of faith. Yes, the word is a very short but powerful one - faith.

Things may not always go your way, but who is to say things won't go your way this time around?
So all you have to do is have a little faith in it and you'll find that things are much brighter from that perspective.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How do you know?

How do you know when you've found the right one?
How do you know when you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?
How do you know that "Hey, he/she is the one and I will never find someone else I want to spend the rest of my life with?

How can you tell if he/she is the one?
How can you be sure that the relationship which you have put in so much time and effort in will last till your very last breath?

Sometimes, can't help to ponder upon questions like these. When you are in a serious relationship, you are giving it all you have, you stop to think if this is the right thing to do. The further in the relationship, the more hurt you will get when it all falls apart.

Many people choose to retreat, it's a common reflex. We just don't want to get hurt, it's a survival instinct. When we see the boat sinking, our fight or flight response kicks in and sadly, we choose the flight response because it's easier... less painful.

What if 2 years down the road, the other half meets someone else better suited for them and leaves?
What would that make of you?
What if you were the one meeting someone else that suits you better?
What happens then?
What happened to those many years of fighting for the relationship?

What if you start getting bored of each other?

When thoughts like these gets in your head, they seep into your mind laying eggs that are just waiting to be hatched.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I remember a time when books were my lifeline. I couldn't get through a week without reading at least one good book. Spending most of my allowance on getting new books to read, keeping track of the reading world.

Now, all of a sudden there's the Hunger Games. I'm not proud to admit that I did not even hear about the series till the movie trailers came out and all of sudden, my facebook news feed was flooded with post about the Hunger Games and how awesome it is/was.

When did I become so out of the reading world that I don't even bother reading anymore? Piles of books still waiting for me to read them but I seem to have lost the interest or better yet the time to touch any of them and enjoy the pleasure it brings to me.

This summer, I vow to start reading again. I need to once again find the pleasure in literature and not just tv series and online games. I need something else in my life other than just superficial information.

When was the last time you had a good read?